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  • Farah

  • See right through

    See right through

    Maybe won’t you take it back Say you were tryna make me laugh And nothing has to change today – Billie Eilish

  • Growing Pains

    Growing Pains

    Can’t run back to my youth the way I want to The days my brother was quicker to fool AM radio, not much to do Used monsters as an excuse to lie awake Now the monsters are the ones that I have to face – Alessia Cara

  • Free Mind

    Free Mind

    „I woke up on the wrong side of the bed again Can somebody tell me what day this is?“ Tash Sultana

  • Giver


    „I got high hopes lots of potential I’m high, broke, searching for symbols And I will not let go of what is mine“ K. Flay

  • Du bist anders

    Du bist anders

    Jeder ist doch anders, oder nicht? Gibt es ein anderes anders? Dann will ich anders anders sein als du.

  • Let It Happen

    Let It Happen

    It’s always around me, all this noise, but Not really as loud as the voice saying Let it happen, let it happen It’s gonna feel so good Just let it happen, let it happen Kevin Parker (Tame Impala)

  • Dein Hurra

    Dein Hurra

    Schreist laute Ideen in meine tauben Ohren Tanzt Cha-cha-cha zu Faith no more BOSSE

  • Movement


    When you move: I’m put in awe of somethin‘ so flawed and free – Andrew Hozier-Byrne 

  • Am Ende

    Am Ende

    Am Ende ist das Ende doch nicht das Ende. Denkst du an mich?

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